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Mark Tones in Mandarin with Capitaliz...

Mark Tones in Mandarin with Capitalization

Pinyin ( 拼音) is the standard system for transliterating Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet.  Mandarin uses different tones to help differentiate similar sounding characters.  Pinyin Romanization uses diacritic marks to indicate the tone of each character and guide pronunciation. These tones are referred to as 1st tone, 2nd tone, 3rd tone, and 4th tone and are indicated […]

Random Words, Random Journeys

Random Words, Random Journeys

Lately I’ve been experimenting with using the Method of Loci along with imagery and association techniques to learn new Chinese characters. Linkword, Sound-Association, Word Association, and Similar Techniques I’ve written in the past about the hype surrounding some linkword techniques, and while they do represent an improvement over rote-based memorization, I’ve never found that they […]

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